Underwater technologies

The ambitious attempt of HCMR to forecast the intense of waves and the weather in the Aegean. A great adventure against the background of the crazy weather in Greece and the whole planet, presenting Poseidon, the system for monitoring and forecasting the weather in the Greek seas.

POSEIDON system is a unique planning tool in the endeavour for the protection of the marine environment. It also provides a competitive advantage for the development of business activity, the prevention of disasters, and the safeguarding of human life. In the frame of the world-wide trend for the development of operational oceanography, POSEIDON network places Greece among the leading countries in this field.

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(photo: Yannis Xidas / HCMR / olyvon) (photo: Yannis Xidas / HCMR /olyvon) (photo: Yannis Xidas / HCMR / olyvon))